Month: December 2017

The Advantages Of Using Toto Washlets


The Washlets are majorly used in Japan and whoever has visited Japan will miss the washlets when they return to their country. The washlets have got an important role in the Japanese personal cleanliness, and this technology has been accepted by all the people in Japan. There are a lot of bidet toilet seats available, and you need to select the best bidet toilet seat after analyzing it carefully and understanding the use of it. In most of the Japanese home, they prefer using Toto washlets, which is the best brand available in Japan. A lot of good reviews have been written about bidets in There are a lot of advantages in using the Toto washlets. Below mentioned are some of those benefits which you might want to know before buying one.

No one likes to sit on an ice cold toilet seat, especially during winter. It can affect the purpose and will keep you away from the toilet. Toto washlets have got the advantage wherein you can adjust the temperature. To know the best temperature that suits you, you might have to use it once and then can change the temperature as per your wish. The latest models of Toto washlets has got the additional feature of remembering the temperature you have set before so that you do not have to adjust the temperature whenever you use it.

Some people find it difficult to use the bidets as they come in separately. But in the case of Toto toilets, you do not have to worry, because it has got the built-in bidet function. With the help of the bidet, you can reduce the usage of toilet paper. If the numbers have to be believed, then around 36.5 billion toilet roll papers have been used by the people in the US, which means, the cutting down of around 15 million trees. Since there is no way to recycle the toilet paper, it will be a complete wastage. A toilet paper can clog pipes and put a heavy load on the sewer systems as well as the water treatment plants.

To get the complete cleanliness, one should use soap and water. If you want to be clean and hygiene then you should give the Toto washlets a try. Because it has got the facility to spray the water, the complete area will get cleaned up without the usage of a toilet paper. The Toto washlets have got features which can help women for cleaning their body part as well. When the water gets sprayed, you will feel like having a good shower in your nether regions. The water that comes out from the Toto washlets is warm and is aerated as well. The nozzle can be adjusted as per your requirement and also water temperature can also be adjusted.

If you have any inflammatory bowel diseases or any urinary infections, the bidet function can ease those symptoms. You do not have to worry about the maintenance of the bidet function as the device has got the self-cleaning function. So next time, make sure that you buy the Toto washlets rather than using toilet papers and get rashes on your body.